About Us

Our motto is “Learning is serious fun!” and 2016 is a particularly exciting year for Footstep Productions, as we're celebrating our 25th Anniversary - and we're feeling very proud!

Our passion is education and coming up with new and exciting ways of delivering learning through TV, video, audio and multimedia projects.  

We love working alongside our clients to develop innovative and fun ways to inspire learners of all ages and abilities. Our client list include broadcasters, publishers, universities, businesses and the UK Government.

Footstep's core specialism is language-learning for young people, but our award-winning track record also includes maths, travel and culture, geography, history and current affairs. 

The members of the core Footstep team come from BBC, Channel Four and feature film backgrounds. Their talents include direction, production, camerawork, scriptwriting and casting. Our clients tell us that we are great at getting natural performances from young people and are not only fun to work with, but deliver on time and on budget.  

Our wider team all have high quality track records and key production skills that we call upon, according to the needs of each project.

We film worldwide making unique programmes in a wide range of languages.

FOOTSTEP PRODUCTIONS can also offer a range of services to foreign broadcasters and to businesses looking to widen their audio-visual profiles.

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