Cesar Wang Voice actor & assistant producer

Cesar Wang
Hello everyone, my name is Cesar Wang and I'm 18, I joined the Footstep family over 6 years ago, first as a voice actor!  Thanks to the amazing Colette and Pat, I was able to meet my all time hero, the Indiana Jones of Entomology, Mark Moffett!  Not only that, but I actually did some field work, lab work AND experienced some of his lectures, during the filming of my episode of 'My Hero' in Austin, Texas.
I am now currently taking a Gap year in search of new adventures and hopefully, new and bewildering ant species and behaviours! Ants you say?!  Check out the 'My Hero' series and you will see what I mean!
I spend a lot of time checking out ants all over London and recently spotted a colony of ants in the street, in my local area, which I thought could be completely new to the UK.  And I was right!  I now know that I was the first to discover the species living in the wild here and I have been asked to write a paper on my discovery for the British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS), which is now being "peer reviewed".  I'm really excited about this - and a bit proud, too.
I'm also just back from my first trip to Australia, which I visited with Marc Perez - another member of the Footstep Family.  Now they have serious insects over there!