Boston to Bermuda

Jackie is 13 and lives in Lincolnshire in the east of England.  She loves film, TV and journalism and her dream is to direct and edit documentary films.  As a member of the Lincolnshire Young Journalists Academy she has learnt to use a video camera effectively, honed her editing skills and has a keen eye for a story.  Now Jacqui is about to take the leading role in her own great adventure – her family are moving to Bermuda.  

There will be a new home, a new school, new friends to meet, a different climate, different things to do, different things to eat and a totally new way of life to report on.  

Meanwhile, Louisa, one of Jackie's best friends, will report on what is still happening in Boston in her absence.

Boston to Bermuda will follow Jackie's and Louisa's life despite of the long distance between them.

The series was commissioned by WDR and is our sixth series for them.

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